Almond & Peach With Beautiful Works

A fab outfit in grey in a straight style.  Intricate gold zardosi work and stone embellishments..

Price :   ₹4,490.00

Amber Colour Straight Suit

A beautiful straight suit in bright orange, tonal aari and hand work in unique geometric pattern all..

Price :   ₹4,125.00

Azure Blue Embroidered

Azure Blue Based Colourful Printed & Embroidery Works. ..

Price :   ₹2,590.00

Baby Pink Based Red & Brown Embroidery Works

This straight suit in blush pink is a perfect blend of embroidered neck and beautifull designed aari..

Price :   ₹4,215.00

Banana Yellow With Embroidery Designs

season.  Beige, Yellow and Gold – a timeless combination in a straight style combined with pala..

Price :   ₹4,575.00

Beige With Almond Colour With Beautiful Designs

A straight suit in cream for an elegant look.  Gold embroidered bodice with hand work and embel..

Price :   ₹4,335.00

Black & Burlywood With Embroidery Designs

A smart and modern attire with embroidered straight pants.  Georgeous combination of Black and ..

Price :   ₹4,070.00

Black & Grey And Cream Attire

Stiching Size : Upto 40' Size. ..

Price :   ₹3,010.00

Cream To Purple Wine Ombre

Stiching Size : Upto 42 Size. ..

Price :   ₹3,520.00

Elegant Red Attire

Stiching Size : Upto 42 Size ..

Price :   ₹3,400.00

Embroidered And Embellished Florals

Almond & Pepsi Blue Based Colourful Flowers Embroidering And Jamiki Work.  Stiching..

Price :   ₹2,925.00

Ethnic Inspired Black Beauty

Black Based Red, Pink & Cream Colour Embroidery Works. ..

Price :   ₹2,325.00

Exotic Peach Curation

Peach Colour Based Embroidery Works Front & Back Side of Top & Sleeves. Stiching Size : U..

Price :   ₹2,835.00

Floral Line Drawing

Cream Based Black Colour Drawing Designs With Pink Colour Embroidery Work on neck. ..

Price :   ₹2,360.00

Floral Mint With Red Combination

Mint Colour Based Red & Cream Colour Embroidery Designs. Stiching Size : Upto 40 Size. ..

Price :   ₹2,775.00